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Oh Cactuar! Mask

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Equip 1,000 Needles with you wherever you go! Not really, but at least you can summon the irritating aura of Cactuar as you go about your day with this one! Black 100% cotton mask with green/blue holo vinyl.

Important Notes About This Item:

  • This item is "made to order" - it is not ready to ship and may take up to 7 days to prepare for shipping
  • Holo vinyl may look slightly gold, green, or blue upon completion and not identical to the picture provided, this is your chance to back out of the purchase if you're not okay with a perfectly unique Cactuar. He's still pretty neat, though.
  • Please read all care instructions included with this product and follow them accordingly to ensure maximum life.

WARNING: Not for medical or clinical use. Not for use on children under 2 years of age. Not for use on persons that have trouble breathing or cannot remove mask without assistance.

This mask does not claim to prevent diseases or illnesses like that of COVID-19. By purchasing, you acknowledge this fact and release Sector 7 Item Shop from any liability. 

Please take other proper precautions like distancing yourself from others by 6ft or more, staying home if ill, washing your hands and disinfecting potentially infected surfaces, etc.