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Turnaround Times

Turnaround time for Preorders or "made to order" items like Loot Boxes or masks can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks during non-peak seasons. For Christmas and Summertime, please allow up to 6 weeks.

I like to estimate realistic times to account for the unexpected. Aside from this, 95% of my inventory is handmade - it is not outsourced unless specifically noted.

I try to keep in contact and supply updates on your item(s) as much as possible. However, during busy seasons (like the Winter Holidays and Summertime which is Con Season), you might not get all the updates possible. You can always email me or send a message on Instagram for an update!

Items that are not "made to order" are typically already in stock and ready to go. It's just a matter of what day your order falls on.

Shipping Info

I ship once a week (typically every Friday) during non-peak seasons and twice a week during the Holidays (typically Monday and Friday or Wednesday and Friday)

Heyyyyy, check your email - especially the spam folder. I usually send out an email with tracking information, but in the event that I forget, please email or message me on Instagram and I will get it to you!

It takes time for me to prepare packages to ship properly and sometimes if you order later in the evening, I don't have enough time to prepare your item(s) in such a way that it is safe to ship. Don't worry though, I am usually able to ship out on another business day and you won't have to wait an entire week before it's on it's way!

Please contact me if you have an issue with your package arriving safely.

Refund/Exchange Policy

Unfortunately, since every item is handmade, I do not offer refunds or exchanges on any items. If you find that there is an issue with your order, however, please email or message me on Instagram.

Other Questions

With the exception of candies and a couple other items, all pieces are handmade by me. If they are not made by me, they are purchased from another vendor and that vendor's information is included with your order. When possible, I also keep their original packaging in order to share their shops.

Higher dollar items like Loot Boxes are only available for preorder because they are easier to make on an assembly line. Even though the risk is not great, it really is about time management.

That's easy... I'm not a graphic designer and I have a home printer.

Unfortunately, this is not something I have skill in. I do have references I can give you, however, as I am connected with many great artists around the world.

I typically only take commission requests once or twice a year at this point. Keep an eye on my Instagram for updates and details.

This is something I also only do maybe once a year. However, please message me if you want to art trade.